Yup… It’s Time to Get Rid of Your Keyboard



Have you noticed that technology is advancing faster than previously expected? It appears that technology is heading in a brand new direction, a more sci-fi form. Previous technologies such as the keyboard and the mouse are quickly becoming obsolete to the brand new power house technologies appearing on the market. I don’t mean to hate on the keyboard or the mouse but, everything is quickly becoming motion-sensored and touch screen based.


What could possibly replace the keyboard or the mouse?


How about two badass technologies provided by Google and Leap!


The future is in our reach. These two devices go where no device has gone before. Leap Motion is a tiny device that is perhaps, technology’s greatest advancement yet. This device allows you to interact with your computer in real, natural ways. Secondly, Google has created Google Glass; it is as intriguing as it sounds. Google Glass is a wearable computer on your head! It displays information in a smartphone-like way, which can interact with the internet through voice commands. How awesome is that?


Leap Motion

The Leap Motion Controller is sleek and tiny. It’s hard to believe that such a powerful device is only 3 inches long. This device will hardly take up any space on your desk. You can do almost anything without touching anything. The Leap Motion controller senses every little move your fingers make; it completely allows you to become interactive with your computer. I feel that this device will make the whole user interface disappear. What is so remarkable about Leap Motion is that enables your finger to be moved in front of the open space before your computer, instead of dragging your finger on a touch screen or mouse. It’s time to say goodbye to your mouse!

You could say that this technology is similar to the Xbox Kinect…

 “Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion CEO and co-founder, said, “Kinect was a great first step for this space and is great for playing games in the living room”


But, Leap Motion technology is nowhere near comparable to the Kinect. Leap Motion is 200 times more sensitive and accurate than the Xbox Kinect. What’s amazing is that Leap has the capability of tracking each individual finger at the exact same time. As you can see, this device was created by people that were frustrated of using a mouse and a keyboard for the computer. This is effectively used when it comes to 3D modeling, gaming, designing, or simply scrolling. There have been a lot of companies wanting to create unique and innovative apps for the motion-sensing device. All around the world, developers are anxiously awaiting to work with the device and create something amazing. Imagine the possibilities that can come about from The Leap!  I believe that we can expect many amazing things from the Leap. I absolutely cannot wait for the hands-free use of a PC to be released May 13th!

For only a price of $79.99, this device is definitely worth buying. Goodbye Mouse!


Here’s a video on how Leap is going to work:


Google Glass

Google Glass is revolutionary! It’s a surprisingly simple concept, a little monitor placed on top of a glasses frame. You are able to record live, through your own perspective. You can even share what you see live, bringing social media to a whole new level. There are many possibilities with Google Glass. You can ask it questions, get directions, get translations, even send messages! Glass is very strong and light, with a nice sleek evolutionary design. Google glass is self-explanatory, all of its features are easy and simple to use. The tiny prism display sits a little above your eye line, making it not as distraction to have around.

What if I already wear glasses?

For a person, like me, that utilizes glasses, this is a big concern. But, there is no need for worries; Google is experimenting with designs that will fit over existing glasses. The Glass design is modular, so it can be added to frames and lenses that match your eye prescription. Who really wants to wear two sets of glasses?

Google Glass has not been released yet, but guess what!? They are already facing legal issues

When you think about it, Google Glass has the potential to distract many drivers on the road.  That is why a lawmaker in West Virginia is attempting to create a new bill that will make it illegal to drive “using a wearable computer with a head-mounted display”. This new law is an addition to the old texting and talking while driving law. The only reason Google Glass has the potential to distract drivers is due to the fact that one can talk through the device, watch a video or read an article. This could distract many drivers. However, Google mentioned that they are putting a lot of thought into the design, so as to not impact the safety on our roads and potentially reduce accidents.

Overall, this device is going to be revolutionary. For all those Sci-fi fanatics, this device is definitely for you! This device will most likely be available to buy, by the end of 2013!


Here’s a video on how Glass feels:


Overall, technology is rapidly advancing. We are beginning to see more sci-fi devices come to life. The Leap and Glass are just the beginning to a whole new evolution of devices. Soon enough, there will no longer be a use for a keyboard, or even a mouse. 


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