Security Threats like No Tomorrow | Is our Information really all that safe?


Nowadays, as computers become more advanced, so too does Malware.  This software enters your computer without any need for authorization. Many of these viruses have the capability of stealing all your personal information and can be very costly, depending on how great they affect you. Vast amounts of your data can be stolen in a single second. Electronic information such as credit cards, taxes and work related info can all be accessed. Personal privacy is threatened as computers are able to monitor, process and collect large amounts of your information. This is because all your information is online.

A couple of methods to retrieve your personal information are:

All of the methods listed above can be used to steal your info. There are so many possibilities, any elite hacker can somehow figure out your password, or scam you into giving you their password and completely take your identity or steal your banking info. According to security experts, consumers are mainly effected by spam and phishing emails.

Why is our information valuable to Cybercriminals?

If our information is hacked, then cybercriminals gain access to our personal files and can then sell this data to many producers. These producers vary from spammers to identity thieves. These Buyers can essentially then use our data to make even more money, in comparison to what the hackers initially received.

You definitely have to know how to protect your information now. Anti-viruses are not enough.

DDos Attacks

Security challenges seem to be becoming harder and harder to fight. These threats are becoming harder to detect and much more intelligent. Many computer networks are failing to properly secure their network, thus allowing more attacks. Fighting malware is not easy as they target vulnerabilities that have not been found by experts. Distributed denial-of-service attacks are increasing in size every single year. Normally these attacks consist of 5 – 10 gigabytes per second, but it has been found that some of these Monster DDos attacks are exceeding 60 gigabytes per second. That’s quite a bit of power to take down many financial firms and their websites.

How safe is your password?


Another challenge being faced today is the concern of the vulnerability of passwords. Almost any passcode can be hacked. Currently, users are being encouraged to pick really long pass codes, due to the fact that hackers entering a network will have a tougher time gaining access. Google is currently developing a brand new system on password control. According to Google, they are working on a web protocol that allows everyone to use tokens to access their online accounts.  “Imagine that you have one single key and one single password to securely access all your internet life”. These “tokens” can be plugged into a USB port and can be erased, reused, and has the ability to hold multiple passwords for many apps. The only challenge with tokens is that one must carry them everywhere they go, a small sacrifice for protecting all your personal information.


Malicious hackers have now moved to mobile platforms such as Apple, Android and even Macs! (Weren’t Macs supposed to be impenetrable when it came to viruses?) Apple admits Macs that they are no longer virus proof. For years, Macs were not a target for major malicious malware. Now, it has been discovered that over 600,000 “virus proof” Macs were infected with malware. This is why PC is better ;). The only reason why Mac never had viruses is because there is very little mac users compared to the number of users that use a PC. To continue, mobile malware is growing at a rapid pace. We’re seeing hackers being able to implement viruses on your mobile device, therefore being able to gather more personal information, and even being able to track your every movement. Now, that is worrisome. Mobile devices are being targeted because it is a very effective way to distribute malware, due to the fact that it is harder to recognize.

In a world of technology, we have to encrypt, protect, and download a lot of anti-viruses, firewalls, key chains etc. in order to have a fighting chance against protecting our personal information.

Here’s a little video that i found very interesting, and it shows how easy it is to hack into someone’s computer. Enjoy.


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